Hunger Crisis

Are You Aware of the Local Hunger Crisis?

Fight the Hunger Crisis

Fight the Hunger Crisis

Most of us realize and understand that the world is in a food availability crisis situation. While there is a primary focus on the international and global impact of this crisis, communities are challenged with limited resources which focus specifically on local food insecure residents. According to the San Diego Center on Policy Initiatives, more than 300,000 residents in San Diego county out of 3,000,000 qualify for the USDA qualification of food insecure and up to 480,000 are facing this threat. A food insecure resident faces either for a short or long durational period of time the lack of access to enough food to fully meet basic needs due to lack of financial resources. According to the USDA, food insecurity in the US has increased significantly in 2008, with 14.6% of the population falling into this category, in comparison to 11.1% in 2007.

With the economic recession and unemployment rate at an unprecedented high, experts indicate that 2009 numbers will be far worse. In San Diego County, categorically 2/3 of those affected are head of household women, 12% are homeless 10% are elderly, and 50% are working families. More than 180,000 of those affected are children under the age of 12.

The impact of food insecurity to San Diego County goes beyond the next one to two years, as it most heavily affects children in critical stages of their growing years. There is a correlation between food insecurity and increased risk for poor health, nutrition, and growth as well as developmental delays. In adults, this impacts local communities in long term productivity and earnings as well as health, morbidity and mortality rates.

Learn More About the Local Problem

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