About Us

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Meals4Hunger’s 3-Tier Approach to Hunger Eradication:

  1. Educate the community, schools, and local businesses about nutrition and the disease of obesity;
  2. To build partnerships with local businesses so that business owners are reinvesting in the community in which they are located, AND investing in the health of their employees;
  3. To sponsor annual events providing nutritious meals for those experiencing food insecurity.

Are You Aware of the Local Hunger Crisis?

Meals4Hunger (formerly Obesity for Hunger) was founded by, and is continually supported by the dedication and vision of Sunil Bhoyrul, MD who is passionate for eradicating hunger around the world, starting in the community in which he resides.

Dr. Bhoyrul’s idea and vision began on a simple “giving back” concept. He made the commitment to donate 50 meals for every bariatric surgery performed, to fight against hunger. His goal is to inspire other business owners to participate and lead in their communities from the front lines. He continues to teach surgeons nationally, and presents his work at national and international conferences and educational forums.

Most of us realize and understand while there is a primary focus on the international and global impact of this crisis – local communities are challenged with limited resources which focus specifically on local food insecure residents.

Of the 3.1 million residents in San Diego County over 483,000 people live at or near the federal poverty level and 273,000 are children. Hunger or “food insecurity” means households face times when they do not know if they will have enough food, or do not know how they will get their next meal. Current estimates indicate that 1 out of every 7 Americans currently face hunger.