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    Hunger Hurts Us All

    Harvest CROPS volunteers
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    Great Start! Nutrition Program

Studies have shown that the quality of a person's life deteriorates as food resources decline. Hunger and food insecurity are the most widespread environmental factors negatively impacting health and human behavior. An example of this would be the story of a single mother of five children (teenage to young adult) suffering from depression after the death of one of her sons. She began to find it difficult to maintain the household (pay rent, utilities, and purchase food). In answer to the lack of food in the house her remaining two sons began to sell drugs and her two daughters turned to prostitution. The challenges associated with feeding a family are cyclical and all encompassing. When viewed holistically, it is clear that hunger lies at the root of many problems. Famed psychologist Abram Maslow’s Hierarch of Needs model clearly points out that all humans have basic needs (food, drink, shelter, etc.) When our needs aren’t met, then our actions become desperate.  

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